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Platinum Plus Financial Protection

A tier-based financial protection that increases coverage over time.

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Gain Peace of Mind While You Develop Business Relationships

Platinum Plus Financial Protection is a fund controlled by the Globalink and Global Value Network, which covers all of our members against bankruptcy, insolvency, fraud, and bad debt.

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What is Platinum Plus Protection

How Does Platinum Plus Protection Work?

Platinum Plus is member-funded. All members contribute an annual payment of $500 on top of their membership fees.

We are the only network in the industry that caps contributions after a specified term, which is not the case with our competitors. Your contribution as a member is capped at $5,000 (10 years of membership), after which you continue to receive the benefit without making further contributions, lowering your annual cost by $500.

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Credit Monitoring

Through our partnership with CreditSafe, we monitor the financial integrity of all existing members of our networks, keeping everyone up to date regarding any major financial events across our entire membership database. Credit monitoring is essential to ensure our networks remain financially safe and stable for all our members worldwide.

Tier-based Coverage Breakdown

Coverage Increases Over Time

The Platinum Plus Financial Protection program includes tier-based coverage that increases over time for those who remain in our networks.
Membership Length Coverage Amount
1-3 years $20,000
3-5 years $30,000
5-10 years $40,000
10+ years $50,000

While the Platinum Plus Protection only covers the branches listed in the members' directory, we now offer the option to add the protection to unlisted branches for an additional $500.

This is especially useful if you'd like to add a branch to one of our networks but are unable to do so because of no vacant slots. This extra fee would give your branch protection from Platinum Plus while you wait for a slot in one of our networks to become available.

Network Financial Protection Plans Are Not Created Equal

Almost all freight forwarding networks offer financial protection plans. Many forwarders assume they are similar in offerings, but not knowing the differences could cost your company in a big way.

Why Platinum plus

The Many Ways We Protect Your Business

We believe that the best protection we offer to your company comes from the high standard of quality service we uphold among our members.

We conduct thorough prequalifying on our applicants before they join and because of the size of our networks, we are able to pursue ongoing quality control of network members to ensure that members are professional and stable.

Ongoing credit monitoring of all members. This is to anticipate any financial issues to keep us up to date on the status of all members and create a safer, more informed environment for all.

Our Platinum Plus Protection program is in place to protect you in the worst-case scenario. We are also here to support and protect our members before it reaches that point. In the vast majority of cases, we are usually able to intervene and help resolve any disputes as a neutral party before resorting to a payout from the fund.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and always urge our members to reach out to us at the first sign of any unusual activity so that we can offer our support and come to a favorable resolution for both parties.

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