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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Globalink Network.

Why Globalink?
Why Globalink?

When You Join Our Network:

  • You benefit from a network of pre-qualified freight forwarding partners spanning the globe and the opportunity to diversify your business by gaining access to new markets
  • You gain access to one of the most robust financial protection programs in the industry. Platinum Plus Financial Protection shields our members against the uncertainties of bankruptcy, insolvency, fraud and bad debt
  • You can utilize the impressive members-only portal for custom relationship management tools, strategies, and other exclusive sales-driven features
  • You get the chance to meet worldwide business partners in person at our Annual Meeting Event
Why Two Networks?

Globalink Network + Global Value Network


With limited memberships available in each country, Globalink quickly became full in many major markets worldwide. Rather than continue to turn away more qualified members, we started a second network with the same model to make our proven networking style available to more agents.

Both networks are covered under the same Platinum Plus Financial Protection and invited to a combined Annual Meeting annually. However, each network is separate, with the GLNK team facilitating introductions between members of the separate networks when needed.

Currently, the target country list for each network is different, with some overlap. If your application is accepted we will add you to the most meaningful network for your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

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