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Join Our Freight Forwarder Network

Ready to build new and lasting partnerships with like-minded freight forwarders? Our close-knit network offers a culture focused on connections and relationship-building. Globalink aims to offer you the best tool in the market for building new business.

What to Expect

Application Steps for Globalink and Global Value

Complete the online Membership Request Application Form.
Network staff will reach out with a full application to be submitted for consideration.
If your application is accepted, you will receive an email from RightSignature prompting you to eSign our Member Commitments Form. This form must be signed as soon as possible.
We will confirm receipt of your application by email.
You will be informed if your company has been accepted. You will also be billed at this time.

Our staff will contact you during your application process with any questions. We conduct a due diligence investigation of all applicants, including checking references, checking industry blacklists for any reported delinquent debts, and credit reports via Creditsafe to ensure that all applicants are well-established and reliable companies.

More Questions? Visit our FAQs .

Member Application Request

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Joining Our Network Might Just Be the Best Investment You Make All Year

Transparent pricing and straightforward requirements to join make it easy for you to sign up today. Join the most established freight forwarder network that works with you to boost your business.

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Have questions or want to learn more about Globalink’s Networks? Send us a message and we’ll reach out to you shortly.