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We have been telling members in our forwarding network that proactivity is the best strategy for years.    

The most expensive way to be in a forwarding network is to join and then be passive. Waiting for containers to rain out of the sky and onto your lap is not a sound strategy. 

Over the years, we’ve come to appreciate how cost-conscious forwarders tend to be. Adopting a proactive and strategic approach to networking is by no means the norm. However, not fully utilizing the tool you pay for, which in this case is joining a freight forwarding network, is like wasting money.

Being proactive is key to fully repairing the rewards of a forwarder network. It takes a plan, commitment, and effort.

Building sales is important, as you are either busy growing or slowly dying. Protecting your business and maximizing areas of advantage where you might have a competitive advantage over the big guys might even be more important. It could mean long term survival.

We call this strategy PROACTIVE NICHE DEVELOPMENT. Often we stumble into a new niche, almost haphazardly. What if this process was far more intentional? Do you have a strategic proactive plan for this critical element? 

Small and medium forwarders who intentionally and strategically pursue a niche certainly have an advantage over the big guys. But are you capitalizing on this?

According to Capturing New Markets: How Smart Companies Create Opportunities Others Don't by Stephen Wunker:

“Winning in new markets requires taking a disciplined, dispassionate view of where opportunity lies. It may necessitate embracing new ways of engaging with customers, channel partners and other stakeholders. Frequently, it entails adopting an unfamiliar way of making decisions. Yet the payoffs can be immense.

Entrepreneurs target new markets because they have to - this is where they stand a fighting chance against big incumbents. Their priority is usually around how to focus very limited time and money. Startups need a thorough profile of the latent need they are targeting, a clear idea of their foothold market and a sequenced plan of risk.”  

This means you have another competitive edge where bigger freight forwards don’t. You aren’t limited on where to look. Niches can be found by simply looking for what’s missing.  This is often a great question for existing clients, what more would they like to have?


The Globalink and Global Value networks can offer you a global network covering more than 90 countries with members and relationships that share the same need of niche business, just like you.

With our networks, you have access to the world in ways others don’t. We have the best communication and follow up tools in the business.  All it takes is being proactive, as above.  As an explorer, you can either launch the boats or stay on the shore and discuss what might be possible.  I can’t think of a more valuable investment for your future than being proactive and launching.

We are here, ready to help start you on this path.

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We’ve been in the industry for 20+ years. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in joining the Globalink or Global Value freight forwarding networks. Email or click here.