Our Worldwide Annual Meetings are not only a bargain, but they are a critical piece in building relationships and building business. Where else could you meet such a large number of existing and new trading partners all in one enjoyable place at one time? Members network with one another, enjoy social time, and build friendships that bring value far beyond business.




“Is a great pleasure for us to be part of this network, not only for the excellent
level of the companies that comprise it, but also by the level of people who work in them.
Congratulations on the meeting, was a real success”.
~Luciana Pugliese, MT International


“It pays to get to know your partners personally. A remarkable group of diverse
backgrounds make this world –each with their remarkable stories. We are not numbers. I came away
from Punta Cana knowing so much more about so many people – and it is impressive.”
-Guy Tombs, Guy Tombs Limited