Networking Tips: Welcoming New Members

February 7, 2024

Networking Tips: Welcoming New Members

Why is it important to welcome new members? New members are great targets for increasing your agency sales efforts. Simply by joining the network they have communicated to you that they are eager to make connections with new partners and develop new business.  Why not take advantage of that moment to reach out and make a good impression?  The new member will appreciate this gesture which will increase your opportunities, connections and sales!

How do I find new members?

Right when you log in you can find our 5 newest members in the tile on your member dashboard page, top right of your screen.

This tile makes new business just a click away!

Each tile links directly to the new members profile. Member profiles have more detailed information on the company's specializations as well as contact information to facilitate a personal introduction.

Another quick and easy way to access an extended list of new members is via the "Tools" menu on the member dashboard.

This will take you directly to a list of 20 of our newest members!

How to make a strong impression:

1. Send a welcome email introducing yourself and your company

2. Suggest a one on one virtual meeting to discuss partnership opportunities

3. Give them a call and say hello!

Good Relationships Build Good Business

Make welcoming new members a regular part of your sales strategy today!!


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