Client Success

July 8, 2024

Client Success

What we know about freight forwarders: you are busy!

Freight forwarding is a very transactional business, with many back-and-forth emails and communication, attention to detail, meetings, coordination, you name it.

What we know about networking: It is most effective when you are consistent!

For many years, we have preached the value of a consistent, proactive sales strategy to the members of our network. This message resonates with all of our members, and has contributed to a culture of a sales-driven environment that facilitates collaborative partnerships between members focused on building value-added service on a global scale.

Over the years, we’ve also noticed something else: some of our members, too busy in their daily operations, were simply not making enough time to execute such a strategy within our network, and as a result were leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.

So we decided to do something about it. We are thrilled to announce our newest initiative: Client Success

This program dedicates members of our team to offer tailored, focused, proactive service to all members of our network to assess the member's strengths, goals, and target markets and then follow up with our recommendations and connections to make sure that wheel is turning, and business is flowing to all members of our network.

Additionally, this program will include ongoing member education of the various custom-built Web Tools included in the Members-Only section of our site, which is designed to facilitate communication and connections between network members, hold you accountable to your network sales strategy, and connect you to the right partners. With such tools available, no member should be missing out on the benefit, and we want to make sure all members are made aware and being offered our support.

As part of the Client Success program, we intend to drive more regular engagement via quarterly virtual meetings and webinars. This will include updates from the network as well as breakout rooms for one one-on-one connections, creating a space for more regular face-to-face interaction between network members outside of our usual Annual Meeting Events.

We have made it our mission over many years to intrude into the thinking of members who expect results simply by paying the membership fee. Joining a network like Globalink Network or Global Value Network should be seen as buying a new tool. Tools do not produce results without effort! The Client Success program goes a step further to make sure members are making use of the tool, and fully aware of all the benefits and features included with membership.

If you are looking for a network that is invested in your return with tailored, devoted service, look no further. We are ready to support you in growing your business.

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