Round 2: Renewed and Improved

PLEASE USE GOOGLE CHROME WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THIS EVENT. Other browsers are not compatible with our platform. We encourage you to test your webcam and microphone using our new test feature.

In the absence of our Annual Meeting event, we are proud to be offering this opportunity to our worldwide members. We truly believe in the importance of seeing each other face to face, because developing new partnerships and new business always comes down to building good relationships. These virtual meeting events are also a great chance to get acquainted with new members who have joined in the last year, who are certainly eager to connect with members of the group. We have done all that we can to create an easy process for registering, scheduling and meeting in our own custom-built platform, and this time we are offering it for free, included with your membership.

To register for the meeting, all you need to do is fill in the REGISTRATION form with the relevant attendee information, and you will be immediately placed in our online One On One Meeting Scheduler. You will be able to set your availability and book your meetings right away.

Everything related to the Virtual Conference is accessible using the same User ID & Password for the Globalink or Global Value website. To set meetings for a specific person, you must be logged in with that attendee's user id and password.


As we will not all be in the same location, we have made meeting times available for the entire 24 hour cycle of our meeting dates in order to accommodate all of our members all over the world. This means it is very important for you to set your own availability right away upon submitting registration.

Your time zone should be automatically set according to YOUR location. Please confirm that the time zone is set to where you will be during the meeting dates.

You will notice all meeting times will be displayed for you in the time zone that is selected based on your location. It is very important that you first MARK YOURSELF UNAVAILABLE FOR THE TIMES YOU WON'T BE AVAILABLE, such as night time and meal times. By switching off your availability, other agents won't be able to send you meeting requests for these times. By failing to set your availability, you may unintentionally have to cancel on several members during undesirable times, or worse yet leave a meeting unattended when you sleep through your scheduled meeting! You will notice a green switch next to each meeting time slot. Click the switch to mark yourself "Unavailable" at that time, so that other members will not be able to book with you. The success of the scheduler is reliant on all members setting their actual availability. Meaning, if you see a member available at a certain time slot, the assumption is they are willing and available to meet at that time.

Meetings are automatically confirmed. You can always cancel meetings if needed and reschedule for a different time slot.


All of your meetings will take place using Video Conferencing on our platform. We will freeze the meeting schedule two days prior to the beginning of the event. At this time, there will be joining info and links to join the video conference with your partner next to each time slot.

Let's take a quick walk through on the video conferencing interface. First, you will be asked to check your audio and visual settings, see below:

Make sure the correct camera and mic are selected, and that you are getting a signal on both. Click Use Selected Hardware

Once you are in the meeting, you will see multiple features. Let's review all the functions:

Microphone: Mute and Unmute yourself

End meeting: Press the "Hang Up" button when your meeting has concluded, or whenever you are ready to leave.

Screen Share: Have a presentation you would like to give as part of your meeting? Click this button to share your screen to walk through a PowerPoint presentation or whatever else you would like to present. Please note that audio from the presentation itself will not work very well, for example, if you try to play a video. Our advice is to keep the presentation itself more slide based/ visual while you do the talking.

Invite Attendees: You are now able to invite additional people to attend your meetings with you using the Invite Attendees Button. You can only invite people from your company that have a glnk.com website login (username/password), so make sure anyone who you want to participate in meetings with is registered in advance of the event. To invite another participant, click the Invite button, and choose the attendee from the drop down.

Click invite, and the link will be sent to them via email. In order to join the meeting, the attendee must be logged in to the website. They simply have to click the link and they will be able to join the meeting.

Enter Full Screen: Click the expander to enter full screen mode.

Member to Member Chat: Send messages or links us in the chat feature. These messages won't be saved so make sure you copy them before the meeting is concluded if this information is important.

24/ 7 Tech Support: We offer 24 hour support should you have any issues with the platform. Please reach out with any questions or feedback and someone will be there to support you shortly.

If you have any questions, or need a password reset for your login to the website, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist.


You can check the attendee list at any time under the ATTENDEES tab to see who is registered for the event. All registered attendees will also be present, searchable, and sortable in the Meeting Scheduler or under the One On One tab.

The sooner you get registered, the sooner you can book meetings, and you will have more choice of availability with other members. Waiting will only limit your choices.

Bill Siemens (President) and Will Siemens (Vice President, Sales & Marketing) will both be in the scheduler and you are welcome to schedule meetings with either one of us.


Tech Support will be available 24 hours during the event. Just click the speech bubble to be connected to someone from our team if you have any questions regarding the platform. Note that there is a chat function for your meetings with other members, as well as chat support. Make sure you do not accidentally mix these up so your chats get to where they are going.

We wish you great success with our Second Virtual Event!!!!