Waiting And Hoping Is Not A Sales Strategy

Waiting and hoping that business will come to you is not a strategy. Yet somehow many forwarders hold onto a fantasy that by joining a network, or multiple networks, business will somehow come to them without any effort of their own. This is not only very expensive, it is not a strategy that would ever produce consistent results and long term success. At it's core this is a passive approach and since these networks are non exclusive they can't guarantee you results.

Ask yourself: How many commercial clients would you gain if this was your sales approach outside of a network setting?
Success in Agency Sales takes a plan, proactive effort, and follow up. This is what our network is all about and we are committed to support this? with our Members.

Disruption is pressing down on our industry. Times are changing drastically and forcing us to rethink old ways. Once an after thought, Agency Sales is now more important than ever. It's critical that we bring a sales effort to build this business as many as commercial clients migrate to on-line platforms.Working with more partners, who have clients in hand, is a strategic move to help migitate the risks of shrinking revenues. You really have nothing to lose here, if you take action.

OUR NETWORK is all about partnering with members to support and ACTIVE SALES APPROACH, which builds long term revenue, success and results. Would you like to know more?