Is Your Network Looking Out For You?


Do you get much in the way of strategic perspectives from your forwarding network?

Imagine if you were about to make a huge bet on something that could cause you a lot of pain if you lost, and even though a colleague knew this was wrong, or knew where this was headed, they did nothing to warn or assist you?  

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost money on investments in exactly this same way.  And, when a friend shared his experience with me after the fact, I was left wondering, why didn’t you tell me this before I made the move?

Well, we’re trying to be the friend that speaks up beforehand.

There seems to be a new independent freight forwarding network popping up every week.  And, besides offering ever lower prices, it’s hard to decipher benefits that distinguish one from the next.  Is it possible that all these networks have the best members, and are all about quality?   One might conclude that rather than bring anything of value, all that is happening is that independent forwarders, the customers, are simply getting fed up with being annoyed so much.  So little is being said that is any different than the other 20 messages.

At GLNK, INC., the owner of the GLOBALINK (  AND GLOBAL VALUE NETWORKS ( , we’ve said for years, that if someone uses the word QUALITY, then you should always ask them to define how they demonstrate that in their approach.  We’ve also said that any network should also be able to tell you how you can achieve a return on this investment.  Then apply common sense.

What we all know is, every price is too high unless the value is perceived.

In case you hadn’t noticed, independent forwarders are being challenged like never before.   And the speed and degree of these threats is only increasing.  From Amazon, to Flexport, to the whole digital transformation, the playing field is changing fast.   THESE THREATS ARE NOT SMALL THINGS, they have the potential to make your independent forwarding business irrelevant, no matter how long it’s been.  

And, what are you hearing from your Forwarding Network about all this? 

What is the value of engaging in ideas and strategies that might just save your business from extinction?  Would you think it might be a bit more than the $30 - $40.00 a month difference in lower membership dues, with yet another new network?

If your current Forwarder Network(s) is not providing strategic perspectives and ideas on these threats and what to do going forward, then isn’t this just a little like the guy who didn’t warn you, as in our opening example?

Don’t you think a Forwarding Network should include regular and meaningful strategic forecasting and input as to where things are headed, what the threats are and some ideas on what to do about them?

Getting together, building relationships, trading business is important, but is it as important as the very survival of your business? 

And, why not have both?

And when we talk about “Value for Money“ in terms of your membership fees, where would you rank the importance of this, versus saving a few dollars, as your business heads toward irrelevancy?

For the past eight plus years we at GLNK, INC, have been identifying, communicating, arranging meetings and exploring major strategic issues with our Members, at little or no extra charge to them. 

We are committed to being the friend who speaks up beforehand.  We are committed to providing a strategic perspective in addition to a networking space.

Examples include our meeting in New York, 4 years ago, which focused on AMAZON’S DIRECT MOVE INTO FORWARDING, what it meant and how we could respond.  

When the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) started ramping up enforcements and fines, we met in Philadelphia with our members, along with the foremost FMC attorney, to understand what was going on, and how to avoid these very large penalties.  What came out of that was a specially negotiated bonding program with Roanoke Insurance and a program of assistance that has enabled well over a dozen overseas members to become licensed, when it was not economic to do so prior.

Just last week we concluded a meeting focused on the impacts FLEXPORT is having in the marketplace, the threats this presents (and they are formidable), and how members might counter these. 

We’d be happy to share our summary notes from our recent Strategic FLEXPORT Meeting.  Just contact me, Bill Siemens, .

And, I would recommend you ask yourself, how important, especially with all the change going on, is it to have a strategic perspective as part of your network participation?   What does your current Network offer here?

Can you risk the future of your business on not having such input?

And, you might want to consider whether you have a friend in your corner that might help you avoid what could be some very painful consequences. 

We welcome your comments.