At Globalink Network and Global Value Network, we have been talking about this for at least at least ten years.   We said there was not much time to diversify one’s revenue streams, and to upgrade technology.

FLEXPORT showed up and successfully demonstrated the value of not only being a digital forwarder, but also elevating forwarding from moving shipments, to moving inventories for their clients.   Why would a client accept a lesser service going forward?

And, now, with the launch of BEACON, backed by investments from Amazon, Google, Jeff Bezos, and others, it is now 100% clear as to who is getting targeted.   It’s you.  

Watch this video:

BEACON is aiming directly at freight forwarders.  The competition with FLEXPORT and others will only intensify this trend. 

What are you going to do to stay in the game and stay relevant now?

If you see the urgent need to elevate your offering to Supply Chain Management, along with Supply Chain Optimization, and Purchase Order Financing, let us know. We can help you get there, with state-of-the-art technology, and little to no expense.  Best yet, rather than a technology spend, we can show you how our approach will open new lines of revenue to you.

This is an urgent wake up call.  To ignore this is a risk to your company’s future.  

Let us know if you would like to know more. 

Bill Siemens,