As with any investment, you should be looking for a return. Joining a forwarder network is a strategic and imperative decision that has worked very well for hundreds of independent forwarders.

Before you join one of these networks, you need to stop and think about what the network’s offering really is, and what it is you want to achieve. 

So, the first question for any network is how do they intend to help you get a return on your investment? 

If the answer is not clear and direct, or only vague references to quality and virtue, then be careful.

At our networks, GLOBALINK and GLOBAL VALUEwe have been clear from the beginning. We do not promise, nor do we imply that business will fall out of the sky if you join our groups. We do, however, commit to supporting your efforts in successfully building good relationships with good companies. 

To that end, we bring a whole series of tools and programs to support you in your efforts. We bring tools like CRM functionality built right into our directory to help you consistently reach out to other members. We offer a quality feedback tool that allows for feedback on all members, helping raise quality awareness. Along with this, members can record videos that become part of their profiles, which helps members become more personal with one another. 

An amazing amount of business gets exchanged on our WhatsApp groups, broadcast email, and several other communication tools we offer. Our website makes it quite easy to find compatible members by filtering the directory by market niches, countries, or regions.

That is what we like to call ROI.

When it comes to building relationships, it has also been proven that a bigger network does not equate to a better network. We have built a close family atmosphere in our groups by limiting membership to two members for most countries.   What we know is that a meeting with a couple hundred high quality forwarders beats walking into an exhibit hall with thousands of strangers, especially if the goal is to build quality connections and relationships.

When a network is not focused on growing a larger membership size, the network can focus on adding high quality value and commitment to shared standards.

A network should easily tell you how and why it works to get you a return on your investment. In our case, we base all our efforts on supporting the power that comes from building good relationships with good companies. Being in the game for 20+ years means our approach is tested and proven. 

Other networks have different approaches. Some are operationally focused, aimed at trying to create operational efficiencies or advantages. 

It is not an easy decision and there are loads of choices out there. However, we are certain that networks are the most efficient way to build business with partners around the world. It's low cost, far less risky now a days, and is far more productive. You should be thinking of your network as your outsourced agency sales partner and whether you think they can help you achieve results.

We have been at this just about as long as anyone in the space, with our two networks GLOBALINK and GLOBAL VALUE. If we can assist you in your quest, we are happy to provide insight and perspective. Or, if you’d like to know more about how we’ve been consistently successful with our members over the years, please contact me at willsiemens@glvnet.com.

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