What we've learned over the years is that when you attend your first meeting with our group, we know you will be a member for many years. Because we are committed to quality and because we are not focused on being the biggest, we have built a network of amazing members. We look forward to introducing them to you. Please read over a few of these testimonials to get a sense of how our members feel about the network in their own words.
If you spend the time to go to the meetings, network with the agents and seek to do good business with each other, then the Network will work for you.
Richard Harty, President
Transportation Services International, Inclinden, New Jersey
“…the members of Globalink are professionals who know and understand their local markets.”
Paul Lockwood, Director
Meridian Freight Services Ltd, Colnbrook, Berkshire UK
“We are very pleased to confirm that the Globalink members with whom we deal on a regular basis, are in fact highly professional.”
Luis Rodrigues, President
All Ways Cargo, Marinha Grande, Portugal
Globalink helped us to widen our circle of business and to explore more areas for development. We can surely say, the membership in this network was a breakthrough for us..
Falcon Freight Co.,
Even though we are young in the network, we are very comfortable doing business with the partners we have found in the group. Business has come easy as members are committed to help you close the business; this is definitively the correct formula of success.
Juan Polese, VILCA
The Globalink Network has a host of highly qualified service partners as network members. STC Worldwide Logistics has enjoyed substantial benefits in partnering with the valuable membership resources found within the network
Joel Wilson
STC Worldwide Logistics, USA
Averitt Express considers The Globalink Network to be one of our primary strategic efforts to present a unified identity around the world. Each member, when called upon, has responded more as a partner than an agent, and have done everything in their power to help us be successful. We have always had this same response and goal when we have been called on for assistance.
Bill Ramia, LCB, CCS
Globalink has allowed us to expand into new areas and new services with our customers.
Rick Harty
Transportation Services International, USA
Globalink creates the bridges that builds relationships!
Anthony D’Ambrosio
Globalink introduced a world of new opportunities to our company, and it continues to be exciting to be part of the network.
Guy M. Tombs
Guy Tombs Limited, Montreal, CANADA
We have been a member of Globalink Network for more than 15 years. We are proud to be one of its founding members.
Our experience so far is extremely positive, great network!
Andrea Pagani
Maimexsrl, ITALY
We are very pleased with the Globalink network as it has a mine of valuable info to assist us in our day to day operation. Keep it up.
The Globalink network is all about connecting high quality freight forwarders to match the requirement of the customer, supported by technology and highly professional people who can deliver
Yehiel Dahan
Joining Globalink has been one of the best decisions we took as an organization. We have had the opportunity to offer our clients opportunities to be served by best in class forwarder across the globe at a competitive cost and with world class service level. And our customers have confirmed and do appreciate the extra service we're able to provide as a result.
John Odunewu
Apart from giving us access to the most reliable agents who time and again have made it possible for PANACHE to win profitable tenders, we have formed some of the best friendships which will last beyond Globalink.
Panache Tanzania, TANZANIA
Globalink is a good combination of family and professionalism. Family, because people care about each other. Professionalism, because people care about the reputation of their work.
John Chambers
iHub Freight Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore
Website is really beneficial in terms of new addition like GLNK leads. In general wonderful job done by you team.
Globe Trekkers L.L.C (Shipping & Cargo), UAE
Agents should see Globalink Network as a business opportunity like they have never met before. If you want to make a difference from the rest of the companies in your market through professionalism, friendship, and partnership, thenGlobalink is your Network!
Maria Perez
Cargo Services Spain
Because we belong to GLOBALINK we have family from end to end!
Globalink enables us to work with reputable and competent partners around the world. This is the onlyway to offer our customers the best service.
Am Zehnhoff, GERMANY
During the past 10 years we have been a Globalink member, we have built up strong and friendly relationships within the network. Globalink is our guarantee to be able to respond to our customers needs wherever their cargo comes from or goes to , and no matter what it is.
Yann Griffon, Somaudex
Our experience in GLOBALINK is that the communication between members gets to a complete new level once meeting our partners face to face. I personally regard most of the GLOBALINK partner as friends now, and think that there is no multinational competitor who is working so close together with his worldwide stations as it is done within the ‘GLOBALINK Family’.
Ana María Silva, ILS Chile
Globalink is a network where members have a very close business partnership and friendship.
Barbara Lazarczak
Dedicated Logistics Polska Sp. z o.o., POLAND